Become a Dealer

Why become a dealer for R&B Metal Structures?

R&B Metal Structures has installed more than 70,000 units in the past decade alone. That’s at least 7,000 buildings per year! We couldn’t have gotten this far without our dealers and our numbers are still continuing to grow. Our dealers are spread amongst the 9 states that R&B Metal Structures services. They are our primary way to sell buildings outside of our corporate office, located in Jackson, Georgia. We also have a distribution center Gainesboro, TN.  Not only do we have outstanding quality and service, but we are also an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau. We’re one of the few steel building manufacturers in the USA with this distinction.

If you ever need any help, our dealer representatives assist our dealers and make sure they have everything needed to become a successful dealer. We believe that with the right training and materials, anyone can become successful. If our dealers ever need any help with quotes or have any questions regarding manufacturing, then our dealer sales department is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

What does it cost to become a dealer?

You know the saying, “You need money to make money?” Well that isn’t true in our case. There is no investment needed in order to become an R&B Metal Structures dealer. As a dealer, you will not have to pay for a franchise fee, the displays, signs, training or even the marketing material; we will provide everything! All that is needed is space on your business lot for our demos and time to meet with one of our dealer representatives for pricing training. All our dealers make at least 10% commission per building which will make your business more profitable.

What types of businesses are best at selling R&B Metal Structure’s Products?

There are a variety of businesses that are successful in selling our products. Agricultural equipment, hardware stores, auto shops, auto dealerships, farm feed and farm supply stores are just a few of the types of businesses that our dealers own. These industries tend to work well with R&B, however our dealer opportunities are not limited to other industries as well. We typically pick locations that have a high traffic volume with high visibility from the road and locations that have enough space for our displays and promotional items.

If you feel that your business would be ideal for R&B Metal Structure’s dealer program, please feel free to contact the office in Jackson, Georgia.