Choosing Metal Structure Company

August 3, 2018

We get it — choosing the best metal structures company for your metal carport, metal barn, metal storage building, or other structure is no small undertaking. After all, choosing the best metal structures company can make all of the difference in the process of designing and constructing your building. R&B Metal Structures, based in Jackson, […]


How Section 232 Affects Price of Steel

July 3, 2018

On March 1, of 2018, President Trump announced he would invoke the seldom used Section 232 National Security Provision. This rule would impose a 25% tax on imports of steel as well as a 10% tax on aluminum imports. Section 232 was initiated to protect American jobs and to proactively keep the nation safe. While […]


5 Reasons You Must Have Protection for Your Camper

March 29, 2018

You’ve made a significant investment into your RV — ranging between $40,000 up to the mid $100,000. Don’t you think your investment is worth protecting with the best metal or steel carports in Jackson, GA? At R&B Metal Structures, we’re the premier metal carport manufacturers in the Jackson, Monticello, Macon, Butts County, and Jasper County […]


4 Surprisingly Creative Ways to Use Your Metal Carport in Jackson

Whatever your needs, you’d be amazed at how a metal carport from R&B Metal Structures can meet them. At R&B Metal Structures, we bring decades of experience helping homeowners and business owners in Jackson, Macon, Monticello, Butts County, and Jasper County find innovative ways to use their metal carport. We can do the same for […]


El Nino Patterns: The Reason You Need A Certified Structure

February 6, 2017

According to The National Ocean Service, El Nino is a “complex weather pattern resulting from variations in ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.” El Nino patterns disrupts normal weather patterns which causes a variety of storms ranging from snow to tornados across the entire United States. What does this have to do with R&B Metal […]


Concrete Guidelines

June 1, 2015

  Below you will find concrete guideline questions that we receive from customers just like you! Please note that these are our guidelines, not your county guidelines. Always check with your county about their concrete pad guidelines.   What size does my concrete pad need to be? The concrete pad needs to be 1′ shorter […]


The Hunt for the Perfect Metal Structure is Over

February 26, 2014

Are you finding that your search for a metal structure is becoming more and more difficult? Especially for one that is dependable, customizable and constructed with top quality steel? Searching for a metal structure shouldn’t be like climbing Everest or swimming across the English Channel. In fact, finding a metal structure, like a carport or […]


Carports: How To Add One As A Complement To Your Property

December 16, 2013

Metal or steel buildings aren’t typically known for their good looks. But why not? With so many styles and colors available, this doesn’t have to be the case. This includes metal or steel carports, often used for storage of vehicles like cars, trucks, boats and more. Ready to shop? When looking for a carport, know […]


Steel Agricultural Buildings Have Plenty To Offer

December 10, 2013

Farming has always been crucial to the country’s population, as it provides a lot of the items people need to survive. A farmer’s job, on a daily basis, can be daunting as they’re focused on maintaining a healthy crop to provide food and ingredients to people across the country. Part of this job comes down […]


Carports Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Sometimes a metal carport or steel carport owner only needs one for just one vehicle. Other times, perhaps for a family with multiple drivers, a carport fitting only one car isn’t acceptable. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from when searching for metal or steel carports. When starting your search, be sure to find […]