Commercial Uses for Our Combo Units

March 27, 2019

When searching for the ideal metal structure in the Jackson, Georgia area, it’s important to remember that there are different purposes for each type of structure. While we offer a variety of metal structures for both residential and commercial purposes, finding the perfect metal building for your property is essential. Our sales professionals at R&B […]


Advantages of Drip-Stop and rFOIL for Metal Structures

March 9, 2019

What happens when the temperatures change drastically from morning to night or day to day? If you live in the South, it’s likely that you’re very familiar with these quick weather changes from morning to noon to night and even day to day. It’s not uncommon for Southern weather to be cool in the morning […]


Creative Uses for Metal Barns

February 16, 2019

In today’s world, there are so many ways to get creative with the things around you: not a fan of your kitchen cabinets? Find a video on how to refinish them, or use self-adhering wallpaper to change them up! Don’t like the carpets in your home? Rip them out and finish the wood underneath. Need […]


What to Consider with 3-Sided Metal Buildings

February 4, 2019

Are you in the beginning stages of purchasing a metal building for your property? There are so many options to consider, such as size, purpose, color, and location. As you get started in the shopping process, we’d like to present a few considerations for a 3-sided metal building. After all, these popular buildings offer a […]


The Difference between an A-Frame & Traditional Roof

January 21, 2019

When you look at a metal structure, such as a carport or garage, there are probably several things that you notice: the color, the height, and the roof style. As you start your search through our Structure Catalog, you’ve probably seen how the different roof styles appear on our metal buildings, but do you know […]


Color Options for Our Metal Buildings

January 12, 2019

Who says that a metal building can’t be an attractive addition to your property? Gone are the days of simply adding an unsightly metal or steel structure that doesn’t add any value to your property. You can now add storage and protection to your property in a color that suits your house! At R&B Metal […]


Choosing Metal Structure Company

August 3, 2018

We get it — choosing the best metal structures company for your metal carport, metal barn, metal storage building, or other structure is no small undertaking. After all, choosing the best metal structures company can make all of the difference in the process of designing and constructing your building. R&B Metal Structures, based in Jackson, […]


How Section 232 Affects Price of Steel

July 3, 2018

On March 1, of 2018, President Trump announced he would invoke the seldom used Section 232 National Security Provision. This rule would impose a 25% tax on imports of steel as well as a 10% tax on aluminum imports. Section 232 was initiated to protect American jobs and to proactively keep the nation safe. While […]


5 Reasons You Must Have Protection for Your Camper

March 29, 2018

You’ve made a significant investment into your RV — ranging between $40,000 up to the mid $100,000. Don’t you think your investment is worth protecting with the best metal or steel carports in Jackson, GA? At R&B Metal Structures, we’re the premier metal carport manufacturers in the Jackson, Monticello, Macon, Butts County, and Jasper County […]


4 Surprisingly Creative Ways to Use Your Metal Carport in Jackson

Whatever your needs, you’d be amazed at how a metal carport from R&B Metal Structures can meet them. At R&B Metal Structures, we bring decades of experience helping homeowners and business owners in Jackson, Macon, Monticello, Butts County, and Jasper County find innovative ways to use their metal carport. We can do the same for […]