3 Steps for Back-to-School Prep with a Metal Building

Back to school season

Did you know that your metal building (of all things) could help with your kid’s back-to-school preparations? That’s right! What better way to start your back-to-school prep than with some summer cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. Making space after the busy, fun summer days is a great way to get your kids back in school-mode.

#1 Move Summer Items into Your Metal Building for Storage Space

Vacations, craft supplies, extra games, and outdoor equipment can easily pile up inside and around the house quickly during the summer months. Keeping kids busy, learning, and entertained throughout the warmer season can rack up a lot of extra items lying around, which is why moving those summer “toys” into a metal storage building is a great way to start your back-to-school prep.

Utilize vertical storage space, too, by asking about our shelving options.

#2 Declutter and Organize

Once all the summer items are out of the way, it’s time to really dig in and make some progress. Summer items are one thing, but what about all the other clutter around the house that you want to hold onto, but don’t use on a regular basis? Like that carpet cleaner hanging out in the hallway closet or the ice cream maker that you haven’t used all summer? Yup! Those can go in the metal building too! 

Back-to-School season is more than just getting the kids ready: it’s a great opportunity to get the house ready and working a little more efficiently than it was previously. Organizing and decluttering sets a great example for the kids, is a great way to clear your mind, and creates more usable space throughout your home. Speaking of making more space, let’s talk about all those school supplies you just bought!

#3 Make Room for School Supplies and Encourage Kids to do Homework

You now have all the summer items out of the way, the house has been decluttered and a little more organized – now what to do with all of those school supplies? No, they don’t go in the metal building just yet! Not unless you are using your metal building as a school or study house.

Setting up an area to store school supplies and a space dedicated to studying and homework could help motivate the kids to keep up with their school tasks. Just like we adults are often more productive when we are in a work setting versus a play or relaxed setting, the kids could greatly benefit from that same type of structure.

Contact R&B Metal Structures

If you don’t already have a metal building to use for storage or other activities, contact R&B Metal Structures online or by phone (770-775-2254). We would love to help answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Make sure to check out our Dealer Locator to find a metal building dealer near you!