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Add-on Features to Enhance Your Metal Building

There is more to your metal structure than just walls and a roof. Did you know that you can also choose from a wide variety of add-on feature to customize your structure?

At R&B Metal Structures we offer many add-ons including walk-in doors, windows, insulation, interior paneling and more.

Customize Your Add-ons to Suit Your Metal Structure Project Needs

The reason R&B Metal Structures’ buildings are the go-to choice for many in the Southeast is because of the various ways you can customize them. It is not uncommon for our buildings to be used as churches, mechanic shops, and even homes. Our customers are empowered with the ability to make their building their own through a variety of structural shapes, sizes, roof styles and addons. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Entryways for Your Metal Structure

Roll Up Doors and Dutch Openings

One of our most popular add-on features are roll up doors. Roll up doors provide a large entryway to pull in vehicles or machinery into your building. They make a great addition to any building being used as a barn, mechanic shop or even a commercial warehouse. Roll up door sizes start at 5’ x 7’ and go as large as 16’ x 12’ to accommodate for many different types of entry needs. Roll up doors can also be fitted with a motor and a remote to provide hands-off entry and exit, just like many home garages feature.

Dutch openings enhance the appearance of your building and add elegance to the structure. Dutch openings are a slight modification to how an opening for a bay or roll up door appears and adds style to your metal structure.

Walk-in Doors

Another very popular add-on feature are walk-in doors. A walk-in door provides ease of access into and out of your metal structure without needing to roll up a large door every time to gain entry. Our standard walk-in doors are 34” x 80”.

Let in Natural Light for Better Visibility

Windows and Skylights

Windows are a great way to let natural sunlight into your building. Our standard windows start at $150 each and are 24” x 36”. Adding a window (or a few) makes the perfect addition to a shop or office. Make sure to check out our current promotions as we feature window upgrades from time to time.

Skylights also add a lot of natural sunlight into your building to help brighten up your work or shop area. Skylights can be added to any building and can also be customized to fit your building size and needs. Starting at $125 each, skylights are the perfect add-on feature to really enhance and personalize your structure. Please check our most recent price sheet to view prices and additional features.

Insulation and Moisture Protection

DripStop and Insulation

If you live in the south then you are no stranger to the extensive humidity we experience. Opting to add DripStop to your metal garage or other structure is a great way to trap the humidity and prevent it from dripping into the items stored. Need a little more protection or environmental control for your building? Ask about our insulation options to provide a better temperature controlled environment inside your structure.

Additional Styling Options and Enhancements for Metal Buildings

Wainscotting and Interior Paneling

Add more style to the inside and outside of your building with Wainscotting and interior paneling. Wainscotting starts at $1.30 per square foot and adds a unique touch to the exterior of your building, giving it a two-tone color style. Give the interior of your building a unique look and feel with Interior paneling. Check our color guide to see all the different color options available for your new wainscotting or interior paneling addition.

Contact R&B Metal Structures for More Options

Just like all of our metal structures, many of our add-on features can be fully customized. Looking for something specific or unique? Have a dream of your perfect building? No problem! If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us online or by phone at 770-775-2254 so we can make your dream building a reality!