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Advantages of Drip-Stop and rFOIL for Metal Structures

What happens when the temperatures change drastically from morning to night or day to day? If you live in the South, it’s likely that you’re very familiar with these quick weather changes from morning to noon to night and even day to day. It’s not uncommon for Southern weather to be cool in the morning and incredibly hot in the afternoon only to cool off during the evening.

We experience this every year, and know that this can take a toll on any metal structure. At R&B Metal Structures, we offer our customers a special insulation designed to safeguard against these incredible temperature changes. What do we call this special insulation? Well, that’s our Drip-Stop and rFOIL insulation. How do these work to safeguard your metal structure? Glad you asked!

What is Drip-Stop and R-Foil Insulation Anyway?

Drip-stop insulation

Drip-Stop insulation is quite a simple insulation that helps to protect your metal structure in very big ways! Whenever moisture condenses on the underside of the steel used in your metal structure due to drops in temperature and humidity, it can get into pockets and cause issues on the longevity of the structure. However, including Drip Stop insulation helps to prevent the building from “sweating,” holding that moisture until the temperatures fall again, allowing the moisture to be released back into the air as natural humidity.  

rFoil insulation for metal buildings

rFOIL insulation is another additional protection we offer. It’s environmentally-safe, simple to install and thermodynamically efficient, especially for new metal structure purchases from R&B Metal Structures. This insulation is specially-designed by rFOIL to control the gain or loss of heat while also preventing interior condensation. This protects the interior of your metal building against those drastic temperature and weather changes we often experience here in the South.

Learn More about Drip-Stop at R&B Metal Structures

We utilize both of these insulation types at R&B Metal Structures in Jackson, GA because we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality metal buildings in the Southeast. And that doesn’t mean only using the highest quality metals for our structures; that also means ensuring our customers lay the proper foundation, purchase the correct installation tools, and using the best insulation options to protect the interior and exterior of the structure.

Our sales professionals at R&B Metal Structures can help you choose which metal structure is right for your property, and assist in the other factors which go into purchasing a new metal building. Contact us online or via telephone at 770-775-2254 to start the purchase process today!