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Commercial Uses for Our Combo Units

When searching for the ideal metal structure in the Jackson, Georgia area, it’s important to remember that there are different purposes for each type of structure. While we offer a variety of metal structures for both residential and commercial purposes, finding the perfect metal building for your property is essential.

Our sales professionals at R&B Metal Structures are here to help you in the purchase process. We’ll assist you with choosing the best structure for your property. We value our commercial customers, and know that your purchase of a new metal building is a true investment for your commercial property, whether you work in the agricultural, industrial, or business industries.

What is a Metal Structure Combo Unit?

maroon combo unit for covered parking

While you may think you don’t understand what a metal structure combo unit is, it’s actually quite simple. It’s exactly what it sounds like! A metal combo unit is any structure that combines multiple metal structures to create a larger unit. These units can be used in both residential and commercial purposes, depending on which units our customers choose to combine.

Because we believe in providing the highest quality metal combo units, our sales professionals ask questions in order to select the right combo unit for a customer. We custom build each metal combo unit at our Jackson, GA headquarters, and our professional installers set up the structure according to plans drawn up in-house to ensure our customers receive the ordered structure.

Types of Commercial Metal Combo Units

Metal combination units are available in a variety of styles and colors, specially-designed to help our customers achieve their desired unit. While many of our combination units include a carport and a garage, that’s not the entirety of what we offer for our commercial customers. A few examples of a metal combination unit include:

As you can see from these combo unit examples, there are a variety of purposes and commercial uses for metal combination units. What’s your industry? We’ve got a metal combo unit for you!

How Can I Order a Metal Combo Unit for Commercial Purposes?

red metal structure combo unit for storage

Ordering a metal combo unit for your commercial purposes is as simple as ordering one for your residential property. Simply locate the metal combination unit that’s best suited for your purposes in our Structure Catalog and fill out your information. If you need a little more assistance and guidance on our Structure Catalog, simply contact us online or reach out via telephone at 770-775-2254.

Our sales professionals are always standing by ready to assist our commercial customers with selecting the best metal combination unit for their property. We’re here to help get you covered!

Contact R&B Metal Structures for Your Metal Combo Unit

Are you ready to purchase you new commercial metal combination unit? Great! We’re here to help make the purchase and installation process a cinch! Simply contact us online or via telephone to get the purchase process started.

We accept a variety of payment options to help you secure your new metal combination unit without breaking the bank. We understand the importance of keeping your cashflow moving forward to continue growing your business.