Creative Uses for Your Custom Built Metal Barn

custom built metal barn

Have you ever wondered what a metal structure could be used for, aside from the agricultural industry? Can you imagine the possibilities that you can create with a custom built metal barn? Here at R&B Metal Solutions, our focus is to bring that creativity into reality. Metal barns aren’t just for farmers anymore. They are a great solution to storage facilities, “man caves”, “she sheds”, and much, much more!

Custom Built Metal Barn vs a Storage Facility

We have all been there; having to drive across town to the storage unit, just to retrieve a few items, then driving all the way back home. Frustrating and time consuming, isn’t it? As the cost of storage facilities continue to grow, why continue to pay more? We can customize a barn to the exact layout and design that fits your specifications. From large to small, we can do it all! Plus, we have financing options available to fit your budget. Why continue to rent a facility, instead of owning one?

Mechanics Love Customized Metal Barns for Tools and Vehicles

Garages… not always spacious enough when it comes to welding parts together, are they? Working with metal requires a special place where all of your torches, gas, and creations live. It’s also important for a metal working shop to have a solid foundation that won’t easily catch fire. With a custom built metal barn design, R&B Metal Solutions can create that atmosphere you need for a safe working environment with the space you need to work, day or night!

Tiny Homes for Your Fur Babies or Even the Entire Family

As the weather becomes more and more unpredictable, shouldn’t your fur babies have a warm and dry place to stay? Whether they are farm animals or the family pets, a metal barn is an excellent choice in keeping them safe from the weather and predators.

In-law suites are also on the rise now, do your inlaws need a place close to you? With a solid foundation and the right sizing, we can build a tiny home that has the feeling of being home.

A Custom Built Barn to Park Your Boat or RV

Whether you have a boat or RV, keeping them in an enclosed space away from the changing elements is important to the longevity of their purpose. Instead of paying for your RV or boat to be parked at a property or leaving them in the yard, consider a customized built metal barn. Reflecting the wind, rain and the sun’s harmful rays is essential to keeping your motorized equipment looking beautiful longer. Our high quality products are sure to be not only appealing, but will exceed your expectations when it comes to protecting your motorized equipment.

Contact R&B Metal Structures for Your Ideal Custom Built Metal Barn

Whether you need a creative place to work, storage space for your belongings, or housing for your animals, we can help bring your vision to life. With a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs, we are confident we can build you the barn to fit your specific needs, home or business! Our metal barns are crafted with the highest quality materials, sourced locally from our sister company, Pioneer Metals.The investment you make with a metal barn from R&B Metal Structures, goes without saying, long after the installation process. Our highly trained professionals are here to help every step of the way, from start to finish, to ensure the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your vision into reality!