How to Finance a Metal Building

Adding a metal building to your personal or commercial property is an excellent investment. While being durable and weather-resistant, a custom metal structure provides the extra space you need for storage, entertainment, personal, professional, or commercial pursuits.

Adding a Metal Building Has Never Been Easier

These days, adding a highly-functional steel building to your property is more affordable than ever before. No matter whether you want to add a carport, barn, combination building, or any other cover or building, rent to own options offer flexible financing and payment options.

R&B Metal Structures works with residential and commercial clients throughout the Southeast – including customers in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississippi. In addition to these service areas, R&B also services select regions in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Protect Your Valuables

Metal Structures are useful for protecting your valuables. If you’re tired of paying fees to inconvenient storage facilities to safeguard the property or you don’t have enough room at home to keep, steel buildings offer a viable storage solution.

Garages are available in several configurations, including traditional double garages, double side entry garages, triple side entry garages, double a-frame garages with vertical roofing, and triple side entry garage with dutch openings.

All of these options are terrific for keeping valuables, including lawn care equipment, classic cars, recreational vehicles, and other large equipment out of the prying eyes of others. They not only offer protection against the elements, but also a layer protection from theft simply by adding a lock.

Construct A Fun Gathering Area

If you want to add a fun outdoor recreational area to your home, adding a combo unit or carport offers the benefit of covered space in your favorite place.

A combo unit is ideal for use when you wish to have a roofed area attached to a steel building. This configuration is suitable for use as a workshop, studio, a hunting or fishing lodge, a concession area, or an alternative place to hang out inside or outside the unit.

A carport alone offers partial protection from natural occurrences. With open siding and a roof, carports add comfort and shelter from the sun and rain. Add seating for special events, get-togethers, or holidays.They offer the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without the worries or discomfort from the direct heat of the sun.

Upgrade Your Job Site

On job worksites, carports provide covered space for outdoor workers to prepare for the workday, as well as somewhere to take breaks – or shelter – as needed. Additionally, carports provide extra covered storage for items such as raw materials, tractors, trucks, or other large pieces of equipment.

With multiple sizes and configurations available, carports are a worthwhile addition to your home or business.

Launch Your Dream Business

Thinking of opening or launching a new business? Metal structures offer you the flexibility to open nearly any type of business. Agricultural buildings are ideal for use as stables, equestrian training arenas, agricultural growing operations, farming operations, and other related business activities.

If farming and agriculture aren’t your things, steel buildings are perfect for a variety of other entrepreneurial ventures. Steel buildings can be used to open a retail store, a restaurant, a dance studio, gym, and many more businesses. The choice is yours.

When it comes to choices, steel buildings offer the ability to choose your preferred colors for siding, roofing, and trim for your building. Numerous options allow you to create a truly eye-catching and appealing color scheme that resonates with your personality and style. There are virtually limitless color combinations available. If you prefer to keep things on the traditional side, metal siding and roofing are available in white, saddle tan, black, and other neutral tones. For those who prefer a splash of color, berry, ivy green, rustic red, and different festive hues are sure to hit the spot.

Don’t Settle For An Old Building

Starting a new business is exciting. Why shouldn’t the metal building that houses it stand out?

When you rent to own a steel building for your business, you don’t have to settle for an outdated or old building that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs. Built to adapt, and available through our extensive network of qualified dealers, R&B Metal Structure helps you to construct – and finance – the best steel building for your specific requirements.

If you want to get more information about how to finance a metal building, contact our specialists online or by phone (770-775-2254). Our team awaits your call to answer your questions about our steel building solutions.