R&B Metal Structure Pricing Catalog

Whether you’re just starting your metal structure search or you’re interested in purchasing today, our pricing structure will help you locate the perfect metal structure for your needs. We offer a variety of metal structures, designed, built, and installed by our team of highly-trained experts.

Want more options or a custom built metal structure for your needs/project? Download our online pricing brochure to manually price your structure or request a quote.

How to Use the Metal Structure Pricing Catalog

There are several ways in which to use our Pricing Catalog:

  1. Scroll through the products to view the various options available.
  2. Use the search bar on the Pricing Catalog page. Enter the structure title and/or product number. Hint: enter “carport” or “garage” to narrow your search to a type of structure.
  3. Use the filters to isolate the structure based on characteristics, such as style, sides, ends, dimensions, and more.

Once you’ve located the metal structure that peaks your interest, click on the product name to get more detailed information. On the product page, you can view the price quote, print it for your records, and contact us about that specific structure. If you’d like additional information or to locate your local R&B Metal Structures dealer, use the buttons to bring up the coordinating boxes and input the requested information.

When you’re ready to order, give us a call or send in the price quote with all of your information completed on the form.

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