RV Covers – Protection for Your Metal RV Throughout the Season

RV season is finally here! Many of us have long-awaited this time of year. The freedom to hop on the road and go to just about any place you want and have most, if not all, the comforts of home right at your fingertips.

While not everyone can enjoy the full-time RV-ing life, we can enjoy the feeling we get by parking near a lake or mountain view for days or even weeks at a time without incurring the costs of a hotel.

It’s Important to Protect Your Rig From the Elements

While the warmer weather brings many things we can enjoy such as traveling, swimming, fishing and hiking, it also brings a few headaches as well. It is important to protect your investment with a durable, long-term option: a metal RV cover.

Yes, there are other RV covers and storage options available, but those options fall short of having your own metal RV or camper cover right in your backyard. The plastic or cloth covers are simply not as user-friendly as having a nice tall metal cover. Those other options aren’t built to last for years to come.

You could also choose to park your rig at a storage facility, but it’s not always easy to find one that will also offer a covered storage space, not to mention the fees and regulations that come along with it to fit your budget.

So, what exactly are you protecting your RV or camper from?

  • UV rays from the sun: One of the things we love most is waking up and watching the sun rise, but with the rising sun comes the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays. When your RV is parked without protection, it is susceptible to the damage caused by UV rays. Think of an old car with a cracked, dried out, faded dashboard. That is effectively going to be your rig’s future without proper protection from the sun.
  • Rain and Moisture: Using an RV cover made out of a tarp-like material can trap moisture in your RV or camper. This creates a great breeding ground for mold and mildew, which could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands in repairs down the road.
  • Wind and Dirt: Over time, wind and dirt can cause significant wear and tear on your rig, including damage to parts, components, paint and other exterior features. Protecting your rig with a quality metal RV cover helps protect it from these and other elements such as birds, stuck leaves and more.

For maximum protection, opt for a fully enclosed and certified metal RV cover.

Protect Your RV Through the Seasons with a Metal RV Cover

Your RV or camper was a big investment. Make sure you are treating it right so you can enjoy the wonderful upcoming trips knowing it is properly protected while not in use.

What do you get with a metal RV cover?

  • The durability of R&B Metal Structures’ high-quality metal to withstand damage from mother nature’s elements such as sun, rain and storms.
  • A metal RV cover provides more stability and protection for your rig while not in use than other alternatives such as tarps, plastic or even wood covers.
  • Metal is made to last for years to come, so you can rest easy knowing your RV is in good hands and safe from rapid fading and deterioration.
  • A wide variety of color options to choose from that compliment the style of your RV or home.

Get Your Metal RV Cover Order Started

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