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The Difference between an A-Frame & Traditional Roof

When you look at a metal structure, such as a carport or garage, there are probably several things that you notice: the color, the height, and the roof style. As you start your search through our Structure Catalog, you’ve probably seen how the different roof styles appear on our metal buildings, but do you know the difference between the two? Though a simple customization, the roof style can change the curb appeal of the metal building, as well as the drainage advantages of each style.

At R&B Metal Structures, we offer several roof styles for our metal structures: A-Frame, traditional, and vertical. Our sister company, Pioneer Metals, provides the metal roofing  required for all of our metal buildings, ensuring the highest quality metal building for our customers.

Each roof style offers its own benefits to our customers, and every building can be customized with your preferred roof style. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each roof style to help you choose the best one:

Benefits of a Traditional Roof Style

Our Traditional Roof Style is a cost-effective option when you’re trying to stay within a budget but also add a new metal structure to your property. This roof style is reliable and durable, offering longevity to your investment.

While the affordability benefits of a traditional roof style can help you purchase your new metal building, there are a few drawbacks to note, including the drainage. With our traditional roof style, leaves, snow, and debris may not drain as easily or as quickly as with an alternative roof style. This is caused by the construction of the steel panels: front to back instead of left to right.

The drainage of the traditional roof style shouldn’t deter you from this style if it suits your budget. Know that our sales representatives at R&B Metal Structures will work with you to ensure that your new metal building is the best option for your property and within a budget that works for your financial situation.

Benefits of an A-Frame Roof Style

Our A-Frame roof is characterized by steep angles forming a point at the top, almost like a triangle. To create our A-Frame, or Boxed-Eave Metal Roof, we use more precisely cut sheets of steel. This aesthetic choice offers our customers a variety of benefits, notwithstanding the sleek finish of the flush steel panels:

  • Enhanced drainage capability
  • Complements most homes
  • Certified configurations available

Our A-Frame roof is a premium option, and definitely a step up from our standard traditional roof style.

Benefits of a Vertical Roof

Our highest quality roof, the Vertical Roof, offers our customers the best drainage option, and is a Certified option. The roof panels on this style are positioned side-by-side, and requires a special channel to ensure the panels are stable.

The benefits of a Vertical Roof on your new metal building include:

  • Enhanced durability and stability
  • Highest quality drainage for leaves, snow, and debris
  • Aesthetically-pleasing for any home or property
  • Optional Certified structure as needed

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Now that you know all there is to know about our metal roofs, it’s time to decide on the best metal structure for your needs and your property. Do you need a new metal carport, or would a storage shed be a better option? What about a large garage to store not only your personal vehicles, but also provide that extra storage space you need?

Whatever your needs, our team at R&B Metal Structures can help you find the perfect metal building. We are dedicating to providing the highest quality metal buildings to our customers, as well as the best customer service because we know that’s what truly helps to maintain positive relationships with our customers. Explore our Structure Catalog [link] to start your search, and contact us online or via telephone at 770-775-2254 with any questions or purchasing needs.