Due to unprecedented demand for our products as well as supply chain restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently experiencing extended lead times for installations. Please be assured that we are working diligently to continue to offer our customers a quality product, installed by industry leading professionals. Thank You in advance for your patience and understanding as we all work through these never before seen challenges.

The R&B Metal Structures Website Has a Fresh New Look!

You may have noticed that our website has gotten a fresh look in the last few months. After a comprehensive evaluation and process with our creative teams, our R&B Metal Structures’ website is now faster, cleaner and more user-friendly than ever before! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to all of the new features, tools, and resources that are now available.

New Structure Catalog Features

Our Structure Catalog is one of the most popular places on our website, and for good reason! This area features over 170 buildings we have built over the years for our customers. While not an all-inclusive list, it does exhibit a wide range of different building types to help inspire your next project.

Some of the features of our upgraded Structure Catalog include:

  • Sort by catalog ID number or price.
  • Search by the catalog ID number and only show those available.
  • Search by building types such as agricultural, barns, carports, and more.
  • Choose to show only A-Frame or Traditional roof styles
  • Sort by width, length, and height of the buildings provided in the catalog
  • Choose to show structures with sides or ends covered.
  • Request information on the specific structure you are interested in directly on that page.

Along with upgraded features to the structure catalog, we’ve also added About Our Structure Catalog and Catalog Help to provide extra guidance while using and navigating this new area.

Tools and Resources


Two of our most popular tools have also received an upgrade: Our Dealer Locator and our Lead Times.

Both of these tools now feature updated, responsive maps to help you locate your nearest R&B Metal Structures’ Dealer and see the average lead times for those areas.

Two new tools that were added with the launch of our new website are the Color Selector and Foundation Details pages. Both of these pages provide a great deal of information for your metal structure. Our Color Selector page shows the colors available and details on how the metal is painted to last for years to come. The Foundation Details page is an excellent resource on what type of foundation your metal structure should be placed on and details on how the team at R&B Metal Structures can help you along the way.


Our Resources section covers three primary support areas:

  1. Current Promotions: each month we run promotions so make sure to check this page often!
  2. Make a Payment: a convenient, online payment portal.
  3. Warranty Information: detailed information of the R&B Metal Structures’ warranty provided with our buildings.

Detailed Information About Building Types

We get it: with the different types of customization, our building types can sometimes get a little confusing. This is why we’ve added some resources to help. Just hop on over to Our Buildings page to check out the different types of metal buildings. Don’t forget they can each be fully customized into something brand new that is unique for your project!

New Ways to Contact R&B Metal Structures

We now have many different ways for everyone to contact us:

  • For general questions and inquiries, please use the form on our main Contact Us page.
  • Know you want a building but would like to speak with someone about the details of your project? Shoot us over a message one our Request a Quote page.
  • Get additional information and easily let us know about your interest in becoming an R&B Metals dealer on our Become a Dealer page.
  • Want to work with R&B? We are expanding! Get more information, shoot us a message and download an application to bring in with you all on our Employment page.
  • Testimonials, reviews, feedback and contact the owner. Yes! You can directly contact the owner with good (or bad) inquiries, right on our website.

We Want Your Feedback (Seriously!)

What do you think of our new website? Have a suggestion or critique? Shoot us a message right on our feedback page!