Tips For Decorating Your Metal Buildings

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Metal buildings have grown in popularity over recent years. Metal structures can be customized to be your home, constructed to help you meet your storage needs, or even be used as a commercial or retail business. If you enjoy decorating your space to make it unique and show your personality by hanging lighting or other decor, there are a few adjustments you may need to make to secure them to your metal building.

Is Hanging Lights Harder on Metal Structures?

Luckily for metal building owners, hanging lights on a steel building isn’t any more challenging than it is on a traditional building with standard roofing. It is likely even easier. Some of the fastener options for hanging lights include:

  • Magnetic Lights – Magnetic lights feature powerful magnets that easily and conveniently affix to metal. Magnetized lights help to streamline the installation and hanging process.
  • Magnetic Hooks – Magnetic hooks work much the same way as magnetic lights, other than the fact you have to string the lights through the hooks, once you’ve secured them on the metal surface.
  • Plastic Clips – Plastic clips can be attached to your metal building so that lights can be attached and hung. Since plastic clips don’t utilize any magnetic properties, the use of this hardware could add time and effort to the project.
  • Outdoor Command Strips – Outdoor Command strips offer a flexible, non-permanent solution for hanging lights and other decorations inside and outside of your metal structure. These flexible hanging solutions do not cause any permanent damage to a steel building, are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -20°F to 125°F, are weather and UV ray resistant, and can hold up to 5 pounds each.

Processes For Hanging Lights and other Decor On Your Metal Buildings

Before beginning your light and decor hanging project on your metal garage building or another type of steel building, use a regular household or refrigerator magnet to make sure magnets can get a secure attachment to the structure. If there is a strong bond, you can go to the next step.

If you have strong magnetic bases, and you choose magnetic clips to hang your decorations, attach a clip to each socket on an 18 AWG cord. To avoid complications, be sure you’re using clips recommended for the cord’s insulation requirements – affix supporting hooks to provide additional support for the hanging lights.

If you find that magnets don’t offer the support needed, command strips provide a viable solution to hanging your decorations and accessories. Command strips are available in a variety of finishes and work ideally to hang items, including pictures and frames.

After deciding which adhesive method you want to use to hang decorations, you’ll want to make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris. By making sure the adhesive areas are clean, you are taking steps to ensure a secure adhesion to metal structures and metal garage buildings. When using command strips, remove the protective backing to expose the sticky strip. Place the piece with the adhesive side down on the surface and hold in place for thirty seconds, creating a strong bond.

Magnetic lights help streamline the hanging process by sticking to the metal buildings without the use of additional hardware, making them ideal for quick and easy hanging.

Be Mindful When Hanging Decorations On Your Metal Building

Like all home improvement projects, always be sure to follow the best practices for safety when hanging decorations, using whichever method you determine is best for your home, business, or storage garage. Ideally, you should choose a clear day free from weather conditions to make the project go more smoothly. Having a helper or two available to assist is never a bad idea, either. Should you need help to untangle lights or hold on to tools, they can quickly work with you to streamline the decorating project.

Removing Lights and Decorations from Your Metal Garage Building

Another factor to consider when hanging decorations is removing them once the season has passed. By choosing the right types of hardware to hang it, you can simplify the removal process when the season ends.

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