Top Benefits for your Combo Metal Structure

Thinking about a combination (combo) metal structure for your property or for your business? Having just one metal structure is a great way to protect and store belongings, but what if you need more than just one type of unit? There are so many fabulous uses that you and or your business can benefit from, with a combination unit. In this article, we can help you understand and optimize the perfect combo unit to fit your needs.

What a Combination Metal Structure Can Do For You?

As previously discussed, a combination unit is self explanatory: a combination of one or more types of building, built into one! Do you need a garage, but could also benefit from a carport? Would you like a pool cover for that beautiful inground pool, but also need a place to store your equipment and cleaning supplies? These are all perfect examples of what you can use a combo unit for. We offer a variety of combination metal structures to suit your needs. Check out our Structure Catalog for ideas or build your own custom combination structure! 

A few of the metal combination units we manufacture include:

Need some inspiration for what you can use a combination metal structure for? Check out these ideas: 

  • Personal or Commercial vehicle parking space; protecting them from the elements outside while providing a small storage facility for easy accessible equipment.
  • Storage facility; pool equipment, personal items, landscaping equipment.
  • Man Cave; store your fishing equipment, classic cars, hunting or outdoor gear, or even build a workshop all in one useful space!
  • She shed; pottery, sewing, gardening, or a small business workshop.
  • Parking your heavy machinery; tractors, back hoes, four wheelers, jet ski, RV’s, and campers too!
  • Concession stands for schools & parks. Ideal for eating and staying in the shade during the hot months.

You can see the notable features of each of these, offering multiple types of roof options, entryways, windows, and color options. Here at R&B Metal Structures, we understand the unique needs of our customers, and provide customization options to help you select the unit that is right for you and your property, without breaking the bank!

Why our Combo Units are Unlike Any Other Metal Structure

While our garages and carports are a great option for specific uses, our metal combo buildings allow you to accomplish a variety of uses with one structure. Consider a metal combo building to keep your property organized and attractive without excessive structures.

At R&B Metal Structures, our philosophy is this: providing our customers with the best metal structures, specially-designed in-house at our Jackson, Georgia headquarters. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality metal structures to meet every customers’ needs, and we are able to customize each building to suit those individual needs. We use the highest grade metal from our sister company, Pioneer Metals, in all of our metal buildings, and we offer industry-leading warranties with all of our combo metal structures for long-lasting durability.

Contact R&B Metal Structures Today For Your Customized Combo Unit!

Have you taken a look at all of our metal combination units on our Structure Catalog? Each of these buildings can be customized to your personal needs, and our sales representatives can help you choose the best metal combo building for your property. Whether your property requires a smaller combination unit, or you need our largest capacity unit, we can make that happen for you!

At R&B Metal Structures, we pride ourselves on providing not only award-winning metal structures to our customers, but also on providing industry-leading customer service. We work closely with each customer to ensure that they’re purchasing the right metal structure for their needs at a cost-effective price – we even offer financing options to ease the burden of adding a new structure to your property. We are here to help you choose your new metal structure.Contact us online or via telephone at 770-775-2254 to start exploring your options with our metal combo buildings to see if this is the right structure for your needs.