What Impacts the Lead Times and Delivery of Metal Structures

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Lead Time refers to the timeframe between when you place an order and when that order is delivered and installed. Generally speaking, when you place an order for a metal structure (such as a metal barn, carport, or garage) the lead time averages between 4 to 6 weeks. While we do our best to keep these times as low as possible, there are several factors that impact Lead Times.

How Industry Demand Impacts Lead Times

Demand and business growth is one of the greatest factors that affect lead times. Demand is the amount of orders already placed. As you can probably imagine, when R&B Metal Structures receives an influx of orders, the lead times increase. While this is a good thing, we also understand how this can be frustrating to customers.

We are constantly growing and are always looking for metal installers to join our team!

Metal buildings from R&B Metal Structures are made-to-order, meaning when you place an order for a metal structure, our teams get to work immediately to fill that order. Aside from the metal materials, a lot of care goes into each step of the process. Each aspect of the project is planned, prepped, inspected and built based on the order’s specific needs. Then, we need to schedule not only with our install crews, but also with our customers for a date and time.

Weather Can Also Affect Your Metal Structure Delivery

Yup! Weather is another thing that could affect the delivery of your new barn, carport, or garage. Just like the weather affects your own daily life, it can affect a business’s ability to fill orders – especially when extreme weather hits, such as snow, thunderstorms, or even hurricanes! Sadly, when bad weather rolls in it can set delivery times back hours or even days. 

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