What to Consider with 3-Sided Metal Buildings

Are you in the beginning stages of purchasing a metal building for your property? There are so many options to consider, such as size, purpose, color, and location. As you get started in the shopping process, we’d like to present a few considerations for a 3-sided metal building. After all, these popular buildings offer a variety of residential and commercial uses.

Long-Lasting Investment with Metal Structures

A metal building is designed to withstand the test of time – some lasting for more than 50 years** – by using high quality materials: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Steel and to HDG steel (G90+). Our metal, locally sourced from our sister company Pioneer Metals, is coated with extra durable WeatherX Siliconized Polyester coil paintings to ensure the long-lasting integrity of the building.

Why 3 Sides and Not 4?

If you’re searching for a way to add a new metal structure to your property but need to stay within a certain budget, a 3-sided metal building could be the answer you’re searching for.

At R&B Metal Structures, we design all of our buildings to suit our customers’ needs. Our 3-sided metal buildings offer you the storage solution you need for your property, whether you’re storing agricultural equipment or using it as a garage, at a price that suits your wallet.

A 3-sided metal building offers a unique storage solution by allowing you to drive any equipment straight into it and protect that equipment from the elements. With a 4-sided building, you’ll only have entry from the door options you choose, but a 3-sided building will allow you to easily drive in your larger farming equipment.

Options for 3-Sided Metal Buildings at R&B

At R&B Metal Structures, we understand the desire to customize any investment to just what you need, which is why we offer a variety of options on every metal structure we sell. The main customization you’ll choose for our 3-sided metal buildings is just that: the 3 sides rather than 4 sides.

Once you’ve decided that a 3-sided metal building suits your needs and your properties, there are several other considerations, including:

  • Door options: do you need roll-up doors to enclose your building?
  • Entryways: how will you enter your structure?
  • Windows: do you want any windows for natural light?
  • Color: what color will work best on your property?

In addition to these options, we offer industry-leading warranties on every structure to ensure it’s long-lasting integrity and durability.

Purchase a 3-Sided Metal Building in Jackson, GA

A 3-sided metal building offers a cost-effective solution for adding a metal structure to your property. At R&B Metal Structures, we understand that choosing the right metal structure is a huge undertaking, and our sales team is here to help you.

When making your selections for your metal building investment, it’s important to consider all aspects of the structure, including how many sides your building will have. Be sure to consider all of the options before deciding on which metal structure is going to best suit your property. Contact us online or via telephone at 770-775-2254 to learn more about the options available.