Concrete Guidelines


Below you will find concrete guideline questions that we receive from customers just like you!

Please note that these are our guidelines, not your county guidelines. Always check with your county about their concrete pad guidelines.


What size does my concrete pad need to be?

The concrete pad needs to be 1′ shorter than the roof length.

For example, let’s say you order an 18’x21′ building. The width of the building is 18′ and the roof length is 21′. Since the roof length is 21′ the concrete pad needs to be 18’x20′.  There is a 6″ overhang on each end of the roof making the building 21′ long.


Do you provide concrete anchors?

Yes, the anchors are 5 1/2″ concrete expansion bolts that we will use to bolt your building to the concrete pad. They are included in the price of the building. For our standard buildings concrete anchors are placed every 10’. For our certified buildings they are placed at every post. Extra concrete anchors are available for purchase as well.


Does R&B pour the concrete? 

We do not pour the concrete. However, we are able to answer any questions that your local contractor may have.


Do I need concrete footers? If so, what size?

Yes, they should be 12″ minimum or per county code. Always be sure to double check with your county!


How thick does the concrete pad need to be?

The concrete pad needs to be at least 4″ thick or per county code.



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