El Nino Patterns: The Reason You Need A Certified Structure

According to The National Ocean Service, El Nino is a “complex weather pattern resulting from variations in ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.” El Nino patterns disrupts normal weather patterns which causes a variety of storms ranging from snow to tornados across the entire United States.

What does this have to do with R&B Metal Structures you ask? On January 21st 2016, El Nino’s weather patterns produced a series of storms and tornadoes that ripped through the Northwest region of Florida. In it’s path was the city of Gulf Breeze where one of our customers resides. WGCU said, “there was a good chance for them (tornados) being EF-2 or stronger, with winds over 100MPH.” Our customer sent pictures (below) of the wreckage left behind, our structure still standing.

The customer purchased their certified structure in March of last year and just a few weeks ago it withstood the unforgiving wrath of a tornado. While the building shifted and obvious tornado damage is present, the building did exactly what it’s supposed to and did not collapse onto their belongings. Tornadoes show no mercy and anyone can be a victim to them. That is why you need to GET COVERED… with a certified structure of course!

* Certified structures are fully braced and anchored to withstand up to 130MPH winds and 20PSF snow load. Certified structures can also be upgraded to withstand as much as 155MPH wind rating and 30PSF snow load.