Can I add on to an existing building?

In most cases, yes it can be done. We will only add on to an R&B building. Any order of $500 or less, there will be a $75 return trip fee added.

Can you attach a carport/building to another building or even my house?

No, we will not attach an R&B structure to a house, pole barn, or anything other than an R&B structure.

Does my lot need to be level?

Yes, the ground needs to be as level as possible to make sure that the installation is the best it can be. We do have 4″ of adjustment in case the lot is slightly un-level.

How long does it take before my carport/building can be installed?

Our scheduling department will contact the customer 5-10 days prior to installation to schedule a date and time.

What are the dimensions of the buildings?

The building measurement are Width x Length x Height. For example: 18′ x 21′ x 5′ – the base frame size is 18 x 20 x 6. All of our buildings have a 6″ overhang on both ends of the roof, which makes the foor 1 foot longer than the base rails. To measure the width, you go from the outside of one base rail to the outside of the other base rail.

What is the highest leg height I can get in our brochures?

In our brochures 12 foot legs is the highest that are listed. We can go up to 16 foot legs, but that will require the building to then go to 3 feet on center.

What is the widest building I can get?

Single structures – you can get anything from a 12-40 wide, our standard widths are 12, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 36, and 40, anything different from these will result in a higher cost. Barn style structures – you can get up to a 70 wide.

What size concrete slab should I pour?

The slab should be the width x 1′ shorter than the length. For example: 18 x 21 x 6 – base rail frame is 18 x 20 x 6, the slab should be 18 x 20.

What types of anchors do you use?

We use three different kinds of anchors:

  • Ground/Asphalt:
    We use 30″ Rebar Anchors
    We use 36″ Augar Anchors (Mobile Home Anchors)
  • Concrete: We use 6″ expansion bolts.
  • Wood: Customer will provide R&B with 1/2″ x 6″ Lag bolts and we can anchor it.
When are extra braces required?

Every carport/building comes with 4 corner braces. We recommend extra braces on any carport/building with 8 foot legs and taller. Roof braces are also recommended. We use 30″ corner braces and 4′ roof braces on most of our standard buildings. WE use 4 foot corner braces and 8 foot roof braces on our larger carports/buildings. OUr certified buildings come with all of the neccessary bracing.

Will I save any money if I buy directly from R&B Metal Structures corporate?

No, our dealers are our only sales agents and we are very loyal to our dealers. We believe that the customer will appreciate our workmanship if they can go and look first hand at our products on display.