R&B Metal Structure’s Price Guide

Our Pricing Guide is designed to help you learn and understand about our products and services, providing you with the information you need to purchasing your very own R&B Metal Structure.

What’s New!?

  • Price Increase
  • Free-Standing Lean-To Structures
  • Widespan Structures
  • Optional Features
  • And more photos!

Due to the rapid increase in steel costs worldwide, the costs of our products are continuously changing, and so we ask that you check our online 3D Design Builder or our online pricing guide for the most up to date pricing.

Our goal is to continue to provide you with economically sound pricing, without compromising the quality of the materials that we are most distinguished for!


If you require further assistance, contact our team online or via telephone at (770) 775-2254, as they will be more than happy to help you!