Metal Garages at R&B Metal Structures

While car accidents can cause damage to personal and commercial vehicles, nothing can be worse for both the exterior and essential parts than nature and natural catastrophes, such as hail, tornadoes, hurricanes and sudden winter storms. What better way to protect your personal or commercial automobiles than by having a certified metal garage at your home or place of business?

R&B Metal Structures designs, builds and installs each of our metal garages at your home or place of business in the location of your choice. We work closely with each customer to provide the highest quality of customer care and craftsmanship. Our team of trained professionals ensures that our customers select the best metal garage for their needs, coordinates the building specifications, arranges the installation and follows up to ensure customer satisfaction.

Types of Metal Garages We Manufacture

At R&B Metal Structures, we take great pride in creating the highest quality metal garages for our customers throughout the Southeast region. Our metal garages are created in our Jackson, Georgia headquarters, where our sister company, Pioneer Metals  forms the metal we use to build the garages and come with an industry-leading warranty.

We offer a variety of metal garages, specially designed to store one or multiple vehicles, including:

Each of our metal garages are completely customizable, allowing our customers to choose the color variations, necessary size, roof type and more.

How to Choose the Best Metal Garage

Choosing the best metal garage for your needs can be a difficult decision – after all, what if you purchase a new vehicle or sell an existing one? Luckily, we can add onto any existing R&B Metal Structures’ metal garage, if that is a necessity for our customers.

As you start your search for your new metal garage, we invite you to explore our Structure Catalog, which features all of our structures and customizations available. Once you’ve found the metal garage that is ideal for your circumstances, use the button to contact our sales professionals and start the transaction process.

Purchase Your New Metal Garage Today

It’s time to get your new metal garage selected and the purchase process started so that you can protect your vehicles from acts of God, nature and all of the weathering items that cause harm to the working parts. At R&B Metal Structures in Jackson, Georgia, we take great pride in providing the highest quality metal structures, including large and small garages, designed for personal and commercial use.

Contact us online or via telephone at 770-775-2254 to purchase your new metal garage today. We’re here to help you through the entire process, and look forward to working with you!