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Purchase & Save during the month of May

Receive $100 off any Certified Garage with 4 Walls throughout the month of May! Use promo code MAY-C100. Speak to our Sales Representatives to choose the perfect certified structure.

Offer Expires on  May 31, 2019. 

Promo codes must be listed on order for it to apply. Pricing must be from Price Sheet Version 5.18 to apply.

Why Certified Buildings Should Be Your First Choice

Summer is quickly approaching! Our focus this month is Certified Buildings. After all, who wouldn’t want a building with:

  • Engineered bracing and anchoring systems
  • Custom drawings by certified engineers
  • Limited lifetime warranty

We’ve got you covered (literally) with our highly-recommended certified buildings. We do have to play by the rules, so any order that accepted by our company must follow the limits and specifications of our certified drawings. For example, the picture below shows us the rule for building an “open” building with side panels.

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Over 170 Pre-Priced Structures to Choose From

Looking for inspiration for your next metal structure project to fill that extra space on your lot? Our Structure Catalog has a wide variety of pre-priced metal structures to choose from! Pre-priced structures include garages, carports, barns, dock covers and so much more.

View them all on our Structure Category!

Lowest Lead Times of the Year

Use our interactive map to view the lead times in your area.